As a broker or consultant, why should I partner with Bento?

Why brokers and consultants partner with Bento

Offer your clients a modern alternative to dental insurance.

Bento’s award winning technology enables employers, groups, and associations of any budget and size to self-insure their group dental benefit with ease.

Reduce client benefit cost while increasing member experience and quality.

Save your clients 20% – 40% on the cost of a group dental benefit while giving them advanced functionality, customization and modern features.

Empower clients with revolutionary transparency and technology.

With Bento’s Price Check™ every member has the tools they need to make informed dental decisions. Bento enables members to receive real-time estimates from providers without waiting for insurance companies to pre-approve services and procedures at a Nationwide network of dentists.

With premium customer support and advanced real-time reporting Bento provides advanced reporting for every group customer. Real-time utilization reports gives clients a view into plan usage – empowering companies to provide benefits that their employees want and need. Plus personalized account management means your clients never skip a beat. Interested in learning more or have another question? Contact us at and your inquiry will be responded to by our team. 

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