What is self insurance?

When you self-fund your dental benefit not only do your unused benefit dollars stay with you, but you save on so much more. 

Compared to monthly premiums charged by traditional insurance companies on a fully-insured plan with Bento, you only pay-as-your-employees-go. When you self-insure/self-fund your dental benefits you only pay for what’s actually used.

What about the risk? Dental benefits are typically capped with an annual max per person. Your plan limits the risk to a fixed dollar amount. It’s time to do the math, dental insurance has been a scam for decades.

In a 2020 internal study, Bento found that only 9% of American’s use their entire annual maximum. This is allowing traditional insurance companies to profit from your unused benefit dollars. By self-insuring your dental benefit you could be keeping this excess and saving on State/ACA Taxes, claims processing fees and insurance capital reserves.

Bento charges a small administration fee and provides you with all of the administrative tools and large network so you can successfully self-fund your dental benefit. From real-time utilization reports to claims processing and a pre-negotiated rates in a nationwide network Bento can start saving you 20% – 40% on the cost of your group dental benefit.

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