Integrating your Practice Management Software with Bento [Resource Links]

Bento works with all practice management systems. Depending on your practice management system, Bento can be added as either a "New Insurance Company" or a new "Payment Type".

In all cases, office administrators will want to create a note, flag, or prompt to always launch and sign-into Bento's Dentist Portal to collect payment on services performed on Bento members. Bento's portal includes full payout and service reporting to make reconciliation a breeze. 

Bento is not an insurance company, however, if your practice management system requires a payer identification number, please use "Bento0." Eaglesoft users also reported using 06126 for companies without IDs.

Additional Resources: 


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*Not all resources are listed above. Please contact your practice management system support team if additional assistance is required. 

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