Creating Your Plan [Video 4:27]

1. Login to the Bento Dentist Portal 

2. Click on the "Plans" tab at the top of the Bento Dentist Portal. Press the "Create Plan" button.

3. The plan configuration window will allow you to add the details about your in-office plan, and if applicable, what locations will participate with the plan. Need help designing a plan? Reach out to for assistance from our team. Complete the details, check the agreement box, and press "next."

4. On the next page, you will select the procedure coverages the different "Audiences" you selected for the plan will receive. Below is an example of the types of codes that could be included with a basic preventative plan. Add the codes and frequencies, and hit "next."

5. On the following page, you will now select the level of discount you will offer to your in-office plan patients when receiving services outside of their plan. You can review the fee levels for each location at this point by clicking "View Fees for Location". Click "next" to continue.

6. You will now see a summary of the in-office plan you have designed. Press "previous" to modify any details, otherwise press "Submit for Review". The system will check over the plan, and then you will be able to view your new in-office plan under the "Plans" tab of the Bento Dentist Portal. Bento will review the plan as quickly as possible, switching it from "Pending" to "Active" where you may begin enrolling patients.

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