My dentist is not a Bento Dentist (out-of-network). Can I still go to them?

The Bento network is growing daily. While Bento’s network team is constantly recruiting and training new dental practices, many dentists are still learning about Bento.  If your dentists is out-of-network, use the Bento Dental app to refer the dentist within the Find A Dentist feature. Or go to and use the Refer A Dentist form.

Check your plan documents to confirm if you can use your plan at a non-Bento (out-of-network) dentist. If you are still unsure, reach out to the Bento Concierge team at

If your plan allows you to go to an out-of-network dentists, the provider will submit the claim for the appointment directly to Bento. If a patient’s out-of-network dentist requires payment at the time of service, the patient will need to submit the receipt or statement of services directly to Bento for reimbursement. You can do this at

Should you need assistance at any time with the reimbursement process, contact Bento support. 

Call (800) 734-8484 or email Bento at

Callers should be prepared to provide your 10-digit Bento Member ID and date of birth.

Claims process for out-of-network dentists:

  1. Download an ADA claim form
  2. Fill out the form providing the patient’s information (Bento Member ID Number, First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth). If applicable the dentist may also need to send a statement of services, bill, or receipt to Bento.
  3. Send it to Bento. Claim forms can be faxed or mailed to Bento.

    Bento Dental
    PO Box 9028
    Boston, MA 02114

Payments are processed via check upon arrival of a claims form, statement of services, bill, and/or receipt.

Out-of-network dentists can join the Bento Network for FREE. Signing up takes minutes. To have your dentist speak with a Network Specialist have them call Bento at (800) 734-8484.

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