Signing Up Patients [Video 4:53]

To add a new patient to the plan through the Bento Dentist Portal:

1. Login to the Bento Dentist Portal 

2. Click on the "Plans" tab at the top of the Bento Dentist Portal3. From the "Plans" tab, click "Enroll New Patient". Enter the Member's DOB and SSN to begin.

4. If the DOB and SSN you entered do not match a current Bento app user, you may enter their details now and click OK. If the member is already and app user, you will skip this step. 5. If the member wishes to add family members, you may do so via the Bento Dentist Portal at this time. Click "Add Family Members" and window similar to the "New Member" screen pictured above with appear. Complete the information and repeat for any additional family members. If the member has no family members or you have completed adding the entire family, click "Checkout" to proceed.

6. At the check out screen, check the box by the member name(s) to select the individuals you wish to enroll into the plan. Finally, enter the patient's payment card information and press the "Purchase" button. 

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