How to download a Payout Report on the Bento Employer Portal

Your Bento Payout Report contains information about the payments made to providers on behalf of your company. 

How to download a Payout Report:

1. In the Bento Employer Portal, go to the "Get Reports" tab. Go to the "Payout Report" section.

2. Enter the time period you wish to view. All transactions between the inputted dates will be included. Once you enter the time period, press the "Download Payout Report" button. The report will be downloaded as a .CSV spreadsheet. 

Two Examples:

A. To find the total amount paid to providers, set the "Start Date" to be the first day of your company's Bento coverage, and the "End Date" as today.

B. To review the spending in a specific time period, specify any desires "Start Date" and "End Date".

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