Sending an Estimate

Note that sending an estimate is not the same as setting up an appointment and charging the member. Sending an estimate is a way to view potential costs. See "How to create & add services to an appointment" to see information on how to get paid. 

1. In the Bento Dentist Portal, find the patient and select "View" to pull up their plan details.

2. Select "Create Estimate" from the plan details screen. 

3. After entering the appointment information such as location and Doctor, press "Add Service." 

4. From the "Add Service" window, type the CDT code in the provided box (codes can also be selected from a drop down menu.) Please note, depending on the procedure being entered additional information such a quadrant or tooth service will need to be entered. Once all required information is entered, press "Add Service". Repeat this process for multiple procedures. Once all services are entered, press "Send Estimate". Both your office and the member will be able to review the estimate once shared. 

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