Sending an Estimate - Non-Bento Memebr

1. In the Bento Dentist Portal, under "Estimates" select "Non-Bento Member"

2. Select the desired plan and patient type, along with the location and treating Dentist. You can type in the patient's name for the estimate document. When you have finished inputting the information, press "Add Services."

3. At the "Add Service" window, you may either start typing a CDT code, or select from the drop down menu. Depending on the service, you may need to select tooth numbers, tooth surfaces, or quadrants. Press "Add Service". Follow any on-screen prompts should you need to add an additional detail. 

4. After adding the service, you will enter your normal office fee price for the service without the In-Office plan.

5. Repeat Step 3 & 4 until all services have been added to the appointment. Press "Download & Print" to receive a document for your records, or to share with your patient. Press "Download & Print" once complete in order to download a sharable document. 

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