How do Bento’s rates work?

Bento develops Exclusive Reimbursement Rates by zip code based on prevailing market rates. All dentists specific to a specialty in a zip code receive the same rate for a CDT code if the procedure is covered by the employer’s benefit plan. When you agree to participate in Bento’s network you agree to these rates as your full rate. Based on the plan design selected by the patient’s employer a portion of the rates will be paid to the dentist directly from the employer’s account and the rest (i.e. co-insurance) will be charged to the patient’s credit card or flagged for collection by the your office staff. 

Bento’s Exclusive Reimbursement Rates are a complete list of pre-negotiated rates for CDT codes Bento aims to be competitive with the standard rates and rates within your location. 

There are 3 tiers of Exclusive Reimbursement Rates: 

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver 

 Platinum pays the highest rates while silver provides the most options for value for the patient. 

You may also select all three Exclusive Reimbursement Rates in order to appeal to the highest number of Bento patients. You will be able to view the Exclusive Reimbursement Rates during the sign-up process before submitting your application.

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