How do I get paid after a service?

In-network dentists have the benefit of using the Dentist Portal. Add a patient’s appointment in the portal, and you will automatically get paid upon completion. This is the fastest option for payment. 

If you are not yet a participating Bento Dentist, filing a claim is similar to the process that you have with many traditional insurance companies. Payments for out of network dentists are processed via paper check upon arrival of a completed ADA claims form, statement of services, bill, and/or receipt. Paper checks are sent directly to the dentists unless the patient was billed in full at the time of service.

If you are using Bento only to administer an in-office plan you can select to create your account without joining the network. 

Bento requires that you send a completed ADA claims form with the patient’s information (Bento Member ID Number, First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth). If applicable you may also need to send a statement of services, bill, or receipt to Bento

Fax:       855-214-4888

Mail:      Bento Dental 

              PO Box 9028

              Boston, MA 02114

Payments are processed via check upon arrival of a claims form, statement of services, bill, and/or receipt. 

To receive direct, paperless payments become a Bento Dentist. 

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